Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria

Finally…a pizza restaurant that creates their own gluten free crust! Marco’s is the first official restaurant I reviewed that doesn’t order a pre made gluten free crust from another company. And let me say, the difference in quality is beyond noticeable. Marco’s uses gluten free flour by the name of Fiore Glut. The restaurant makes gluten free pizza dough three times weekly and offers gluten free pizza daily. The entire process is completely controlled as to avoid any cross contamination. The pizza dough is stretched and the toppings (most of which are gluten free) added in a confined area. Furthermore, the gluten free pizza is cooked in a separate oven from the regular pizza. Marco’s is very conscious of cross contamination and does an excellent job to avoiding it.

The taste, texture, and look of the gluten free pizza are immaculate. Not only is the pizza crust thicker, but also raised at the end to resemble real pizza crust. When the pizza is pulled apart, the crust actually tears apart and doesn’t break or crack in half like most gluten free crusts. The gluten free pizza is extremely fresh. Red onion, lemoncello chicken breast, and mushrooms were the toppings added to the pizza. The chicken is exceptionally moist and has an excellent lemon flavor that isn’t over powering. The toppings are plentiful and cover the entire pizza. Even more impressing though is the taste of the pizza sauce…an exceptional garlic flavor that is unlike anything I have tasted. 

The gluten free crust is 10 inch in size and starts at $16. Each additional topping adds $1.50.

While at Marco’s, I also tried their gluten free lemoncello chicken wings served with grilled Vidalia onions. Wow! The smell of the sweet onions makes the mouth water, and the coal-fired wings, soaked in a rosemary marinade are outstanding. The wings are not greasy, thick in size, and have an exceptional flavor. The chicken is very moist and fresh. The onions come on top of the wings, so just ask for no onions if you aren’t in love with onions.

A small order of the wings is $9, and a large $15.

Marco’s has a full bar which serves wine and also serves a Spanish gluten free beer by the name of Estrella Damm Daura. Estrella has a great flavor and texture. The flavor is a bit strong, but this is the case with most gluten free beers.

Marco’s also has a great patio out back. Happy hour is Monday through Friday 3-6pm with both drink and appetizer specials.

I highly recommend Marco’s to anyone looking for fresh top-notch gluten free pizza. The crust, sauce, and toppings are unlike anything I have tasted. I can say Marco’s is the best homemade gluten free pizza I have ever tasted. The price is a bit more expensive than some, but well worth it. With gluten free products, it is better to spend a little extra money for exceptional quality. Marco’s has a friendly staff and great service. With the combination of a full bar, outdoor patio, and great food, it’s a perfect place to grab dinner and drinks anytime of the day, especially prior to a Rockies game, as it is very close to the stadium.

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Featured image courtesy of Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria.
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