Sammy’s Wood-Fired Pizza

I stopped into Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza in Henderson, Nevada. Sammy’s has locations throughout southern California and Nevada—see the list of locations below.

Like other restaurants, Sammy’s orders in their gluten free crust from an outside company, in this case, the company is California Produce. I tried Sammy’s gluten free BBQ chicken pizza as this tends to be one of the most popular ordered. (see picture below) The BBQ pizza was covered in chicken, red onion, mozarella cheese and Sammy’s own BBQ sauce. It was then topped with fresh basil. The pizza was outstanding. The BBQ sauce is on the sweeter side and the cheese has a great flavor as well. All the ingredients tasted very fresh. It was obvious Sammy’s uses quality ingredients in their pizza. Sammy’s also offers vegan and dairy free mozzarella.

The gluten free crust (9 inches) is thicker than the usual cracker thin crust I have experienced at other restaurants. One would think that a thicker crust would cause the pizza to be heavy and dense. This is quite contrary! The crust is very light and airy. It has a great texture and is also fairly strong. This means the pizza doesn’t fall apart and crumble when you pick it up. The crust doesn’t overpower the flavor of the pizza or leave any undesirable after taste. In fact, the crust has just enough flavor to compliment the pizza without overdoing it.

The crust is a little bit calorie dense. This is to be expected though. One-eight of the crust has 140 calories.

Cross-contamination is not an issue whatsoever. Sammy’s makes their gluten free pizza in a separate area from the regular pizza. All ingredients used are individually wrapped in baggies, and each pizza is placed on a separate cooking sheet while in the oven. The pizza cooks also switch gloves when making gluten free pizza. Sammy’s has gone to great lengths to make sure no problems with cross-contamination.

Sammy’s also offers Redbridge gluten free beer and a selection of wine for those who wish to indulge in adult beverages while enjoying their pizza. Happy hour is from 4-6 daily with 1/2 priced tapas and drinks. The staff is very friendly and helpful and there is plenty of room within the restaurant to accommodate many guests. There is a large outdoor patio with both a shaded and non-shaded area.

I would also like to point out that not only does Sammy’s offer gluten free pizza, they actually have an entire gluten free menu which includes salads and lettuce wraps. Sammy’s has gone to great lengths to appeal to those who are gluten intolerant by providing several different eating options.

I recommend Sammy’s to anyone in the southern California/Nevada area looking for a relaxing environment to enjoy some great tasting pizza!

sammy's gluten free pizza

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